April 24-26, 2018   Hilton San Diego Bayfront








Educational Sessions

April 25-26, 2018

Hilton San Diego Bayfront

(As of Jan. 11, 2018)

Media Track

Reaching New Heights With New Media: With consumers flocking to over-the-top (OTT) television, marketers are met with new opportunities to reach key audiences. Hear from industry leaders on the emergence of audience-based buying across OTT and how brands can capitalize on its continued growth.

The Challenges — and Opportunities — of Linear TV: With more consumers opting for skinny bundles, or watching on an expanding range of devices, linear TV advertising has taken a back seat in the marketing conversation. But the largest single advertising medium — and the only one still capable of building massive scale for leading products and services — remains a powerful force for all performance-based marketers. Leaders from top marketers and leading network groups discuss what’s new, what’s not — and what to expect in the coming years.

Making the Most of Your Media Mix: On today’s landscape, the number of different media mixes that lead to success is staggering. Take, for example, the idea of maximizing your DRTV and DR radio efforts with affiliate marketing. Hear from a group of marketers using variations on this particular mix to maximize online CPA.

Managing Your Social Media Campaign: With Facebook (and Instagram), Google (and YouTube), Snap, and other social media outlets expanding their marketing offerings, hear the hottest tips and tricks from marketers who are already having success in these outlets.

Power of the Podcast: While questions still abound about measurement and reach, there’s no doubt to anyone who listens regularly to podcasts that performance-based marketers are jumping into this medium with excitement. In this roundtable, marketers utilizing podcast media share what’s working, what isn’t — and how to capitalize in this burgeoning outlet?

Technology Track

Disruption Junction: Chatbots. Artificial intelligence. Virtual reality. More than ever, disruptive technologies are providing marketers with more opportunities to connect with consumers along their journey — while also forcing marketers to answer tough questions about their campaigns. A group of top marketers share the inside skinny on some of the disruptive technologies they’re using — and the ones they’re still skittish about.

What Do We Do With All of This Data?: More data is available to marketers today than ever before. But how can you separate the wheat from the chaff when digging into those seemingly endless reports?

Retargeting and Remarketing in a Cross-Platform World: The question of attribution remains one of the biggest facing marketers in a world where consumers are receiving (and responding) to their messages across a growing array of media and devices. How are marketers responding to this question? Find out in this roundtable conversation. 

Mobile Outreach, Mobile Conversion: With smartphones now in the hands of a vast majority of consumers, the biggest question about mobile technology remains: Is mobile better as a marketing outreach medium — or as a conversion device? A group of leading marketers kick around that question — and more — in this discussion of mobile technology.

Picking the Best Platform: With a bevy of leading e-commerce technology providers shopping their wares, marketers and their agencies have more options than ever when creating the best shopping cart experience for their customers. Leading e-commerce platforms and their clients present an exclusive Q&A on the best practices in making your e-commerce sales technology the best in the business.

Commerce Track

Millennials in the Moment: With their well-documented desire to react and respond to marketing messages at a time and place of their choosing, reaching and closing sales to the generation of the moment can seem daunting. Learn some key tips and tricks from a group of marketers having success with the demo.

Making Amazon Work: Marketers finding success on the e-commerce behemoth share case studies about how best to incorporate Amazon as a sales outlet for already successful products.

What Does “Lead-Gen” Really Mean Today?: Lead-generation marketing campaigns are as old as marketing itself. In recent years, though, the power of the phrase has grown along with the power of performance-based advertising across all media — online and offline. Hear from marketers working in various verticals on lead-generation campaigns about what works, what doesn’t, and just what lead-generation means in today’s consumer-centric world.

Building Communities Around Brands: As the consumer journey becomes more of a focus for marketers, they’re realizing that those consumers who become customers can drive even more commerce. From celebrity influencers to lifetime customers, how can you use performance-based tactics to drive a community around your brand — and drive more sales.

DR Hall of Fame Inductee Roundtable: Members of the Direct Response Hall of Fame’s sixth class — who will be inducted poolside at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront following this session — chat about the history of the DR space, their experiences as leaders of the industry, and what they expect in the coming years.

  • Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony Salute the industry’s history while looking toward its bright future. The Sixth Annual DR Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony is your chance to honor the inductees who have played such a big role in growing the business across the decades. The group will be honored during this special cocktail reception and induction ceremony.
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